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Operator Skills and Training
Operator skills and training is essential in any industry and mining is no exception. Whether in a large or small operation, skill and training enhances safety and productivity which is the heart and life of any organisation.
Identifying deficiencies and conducting the necessary training to correct such deficiencies is vital as well as ensuring that training methods and practices are relevant, competitive and up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.
Operators of production equipment are the heart and soul of productivity and mines can only be as productive as their operators. Training and improving the skills of both experienced and inexperienced operators can improve their technique, which can make the difference between making a profit or a loss.
ThoroughTec Simulation

ThoroughTec Simulation is the largest global supplier of both surface and underground mining simulators; is the leading supplier of military simulators in its local market and has recently launched a construction simulator range.

CYBERMINE Simulation

Surface mining simulators for haul trucks, dump trucks, ADTs, drill rigs, excavators, shovels, bulldozers, loaders, draglines and graders.

Underground mining simulators for drill rigs, roof bolters, loaders, ADTs, XLP dozers, locomotives and scalers.

CYBERQUIP Simulation

Construction simulators specifically designed for the construction industry.

Construction simulators for excavators, bulldozers, articulated dump trucks, backhoe loaders and graders.

CYBERWAR Simulation

Military operator training and tactical training simulators for operator, crew, troop and squadron level training of armour, infantry, air force and naval students.

High fidelity cockpit and crew station replication.