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Simulation for the Future
With a military history spanning over 20 years, South African company is the de facto supplier of simulator systems to the South African National Defence Force, providing operator training and tactical training systems for vehicles such as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and trucks. It has also supplied a number of European and Asia Pacific militaries. This military engineering has been used in the development of their CYBERMINE mining equipment simulators, which are now on their fourth generation and used around the world.
“Thanks to our military background we’re able to offer mining companies military-grade quality, reliability and low cost of ownership,” says Richard Bellengere, Vice President of R&D. A significant portion of ThoroughTec’s research and development resources in 2014 were committed to expanding its range of Atlas Copco, CAT, Komatsu and Sandvik simulator cabs. “We’re very proud of the fact that we have the widest range of simulator cabs available,” says Greg Lew, Executive Vice President and Director of Global Business Development.
ThoroughTec Simulation

ThoroughTec Simulation is the largest global supplier of both surface and underground mining simulators; is the leading supplier of military simulators in its local market and has recently launched a construction simulator range.

CYBERMINE Simulation

Surface mining simulators for haul trucks, dump trucks, ADTs, drill rigs, excavators, shovels, bulldozers, loaders, draglines and graders.

Underground mining simulators for drill rigs, roof bolters, loaders, ADTs, XLP dozers, locomotives and scalers.

CYBERQUIP Simulation

Construction simulators specifically designed for the construction industry.

Construction simulators for excavators, bulldozers, articulated dump trucks, backhoe loaders and graders.

CYBERWAR Simulation

Military operator training and tactical training simulators for operator, crew, troop and squadron level training of armour, infantry, air force and naval students.

High fidelity cockpit and crew station replication.