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Dragline SimulatorsDragline SimulatorsMining methods have advanced tremendously through the years, with the result being increased productivity and profits. Essential to this optimisation process is effective dragline operator training, targeted at promoting both mine operator safety and proficiency.

Crucial to effective dragline simulation is the accurate physical modelling of the complex interactions between cables, couplings and bucket structures, together with the bucket interaction with the terrain, to provide realistic behavioural response of the dragline to operator inputs. Simulated bucket swing behaviour under various loads and cable lengths has to be close to perfect. No other dragline simulator provides the levels of dynamic realism provided by the CYBERMINE Dragline Simulator.

Complementing the dragline simulation are CYBERMINE advanced soil interaction models that allow the instructor to specify properties of the terrain, requiring the dragline simulator operator to exercise correct hoist and dragging techniques for the terrain type in order to obtain efficient bucket fill factors.

CYBERMINE dragline simulators are delivered with a highly realistic, operating, 3D simulated mine world, complete with overburden, spoils and artificially intelligent simulated mining equipment such as bulldozers, shovels, diggers and light vehicles to support the dragline operator training and evaluation process.

CYBERMINE Dragline Simulator exercises may be configured to address various training requirements, including operations with different overburden characteristics, varying weather conditions, night operations, sub-system failures and advanced emergency situations.

The entire mining simulation exercise is continually monitored and recorded, including instrumentation states, controls interaction, bucket orientations and swing speeds, together with adherence to safety procedures, correct equipment handling techniques and response to emergency situations and failures. These performance reports together with the instructor’s after-action review capability provide a complete dragline operator training and evaluation system.

CYBERMINE dragline simulators provide an excellent training and evaluation tool for operators of dragline equipment, optimising safety and improving mine productivity.

The CYBERMINE Dragline Simulator range simulates heavy equipment from all major manufacturers such as Marion, Bucyrus and P&H.

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Dragline Simulators



Dragline Simulators

CYBERMINE Dragline Simulator

Dragline Simulators

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Dragline Simulators